About Blue Marsden

Blue Marsden – Author and Founder of Holistic Healing College


Blue Marsden 031Blue Marsden is the author of the Soul Plan: Reconnect with your True Life Purpose as well as founder and director of the Holistic Healing College, the London School of Chi Kung and the London College of Hypnotherapy. After many years of working with various intuitive methods he came across a little known system that resonated more than any other and after incorporating this into his own practice decided to introduce it as a module in the counselling programme he founded. Over the years Blue researched the deeper origins of this work and on discovering synchronicities with his own non-dual understanding has subsequently modernized it, added new interpretations and channelled additional material and healing interventions to form what is now known as the Soul Plan system.

During the early and mid-1990s he explored the use of hypnosis and sound healing to aid and enhance performance and creativity. He specialized during this time in working with artists, singers, writers and presenters. In his psychotherapy practice he specialized in relationship counselling and was asked by the British Association of Anger Management to produce an audio programme later acquired by many schools across the country.

He is also a teacher and long-time practitioner of chi kung. This discipline helped him to gain a deeper perspective on the rarely recognized ‘magnetic’ and health-enhancing quality potentially present within the ‘talking cures’.

Blue holds a degree in Philosophy and a Postgraduate Masters degree in Psychoanalysis and his work has featured in the national media.